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YOBYBO Sugar20 Meatl True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Premium Sound In-ear Earphone Affordable Mini Headphoens

1 · Invisible built-in hinge design, the earplugs are basically seamless as a whole.

2 · All-metal charging bin, zinc alloy with CNC precision technology.

3 · Restore CD sound quality, high-definition lossless analysis.

4 · The in-ear type is comfortable to wear, and the soft earplugs block noise.

5 · The number one earplugs in the cost-effective series.

MOQ: 3000        Delivery method: FOB


Full metal housing

Built-in rotating shaft with patent/ Organic glass back plate High resolution sound quality/ unique design/comfortable to wear

Sugar 20 TWS


Zinc alloy full metal housing 

Nice experience with high resolution sound quality

Built-in rotating shaft with patent

 Comfortable to wear

Ligh luxury mirror design


Full metal housing with zinc alloy

Built-in rotating shaft with patent/ Organic glass back plate High resolution sound quality/ unique design/comfortable to wear


Built-in rotating ahaft to make the appearance more unified and delicate

Many cheif designs develope this style together. Initiate invisible rotating shaft.

certificate assurance

exclusive built-in rotating shaft


Organic glass back plate light luxury mirror design

The back plate of earphone is made of organic glass material


Battery edurance for 40 hours

The battery edurance of earphones at one side can reach 40 hours Music will keep us company continiously. It only takes 1 hour to get full charged when battery runs out and the earphones can use up to 5 hours


No any feeling while wearing the earphones

After thousands of ergonomic simulation tests, the comfort of earphones is carefully polished. Every angles have their stories.


10mm trumpet unit

10mm big size trumpet unit remain more music details, even not at the scene but still feel at the scene


AAC high definition bluetooth

More efective, more quick. Utilizing AAC format can make us feel that the sound quality isn’t reduced



JL6973D4 chipset, Bluetooth5.3, lower power consumption, faster transmission, more stable connections.


10 meter connection, quick matching

The Sugar20 is automatically paired after first pairing, no need any other extra operations within 10 meter transmission range


Easy to operate

Slightly touch the back of the earphones, we can paly and switch the songs, hang up and cut the phones very quickly. Sensitive reaction, no need to take out the earphones to operate

Play/pause music:                                 Double click on any earbuds

Volume +/-:                                              Click right ear/click left ear

Previous song/Next song:                 Press and hold the left ear for 2 seconds                                                                                          Long press the right ear for 2 seconds

Turn on/off the voice assistant:       Triple tap any earbuds


BT version:5.1


Earbud battery:30mAh

Case battery:300mAh

Working time:5h

Waterproof level :IPX4

Case size:49*49*20mm

Earbud size:34*20*16mm

Color:Black, Gray


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