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X-Boat Pro High-End Wireless Metal Earbuds

Hign-end Series  2K/Pcs  MOQ

The Luxury High-end Earbud series is a high-end product independently developed, designed and produced by YOBYBO. Only three earbuds are selected for this series every year. The high-end metal series is one of YOBYBO most distinctive product series. The luxurious texture and the combination of high-end chips make the earbuds not only have a good-looking appearance, but also more powerful and stable functions.

ZIP20 High-End Wireless Metal Earbuds

Metal series 2K/Pcs MOQ

This  range  of  wireless  earphones  features  many  of  our  unique technologies and craftsmanship. For example, the patented invisible hinge technology makes the charging box more aesthetic; the CNC process of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy makes the product more delicate;

YOBYBO SUGAR20 Bluetooth Earbuds

Cost-effective series 3K/Pcs MOQ

These Bluetooth earphones not only retain excellent design standards and stable quality (red dot, IF award) but also have a comfortable experience. These products will be an effective tool for brands or distributors who need to enrich their product lines, expand their sales channels, or fight against increasing competition.

Yibai science&technology Co., Ltd

Yibai science&technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. focuses on the research, development, and sales of TWS earphones. It is a national high-tech enterprise with more than 70 patents, many of which have far-reaching influence in the industry.

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Producer of original audio products

We have international-level design capabilities, industry-leading R&D capabilities, and a deep understanding and application of advanced material technology. These will give your brand and channel more value. We accept OEM and ODM orders and are happy to take on more challenges from these.

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