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YOBYBO 2023 New Product SEESAW20 Active Noise Reduction Earbuds, High-end Craft Metal Earphones

1 · Active noise reduction and transparency mode, suitable for all scenarios.

2 · High-end metal series, the whole machine is made of aluminum alloy, with CNC technology, light and luxurious texture.

3 · The way to take out the buds is very unique, it is a earbuds and a toy.

4 · The latest powerful chip, WQ7033AR lower latency, lower power consumption.

5 · Ultra-long battery life, the single battery life of the buds is as high as 6-8 hours. The charging box supports charging the buds 4~5 times.

6 · Three colors, support custom colors

MOQ: 2000        Delivery method: FOB


High-end metal noise-canceling earbuds

The latest product in 2023, the all-metal charging case

has a light and luxurious texture


Noise reduction mode

Rotating Charging Case

Long battery life

Mirror Effect

Light to wear


Experience Peace and Quiet

Experience peace and quiet with the noise reduction mode on our earbuds. Perfect for drowning out distractions and enjoying your favorite tunes to the fullest.


Quiet in ANC mode

No matter any noisy environment, concentrate on doing your own thing and listen to what you want to hear.


Transparent mode

Have a conversation without removing the earbuds. With just one tap, you can instantly hear ambient sounds.


Music never stops

Seesaw uses WQ7033M chip, which has lower latency and lower power consumption than traditional old version chips.

Single earbud


of battery life with a single charge

Single earbud

≥30 hrs

of total listening time

Charging box

5 Charges

Case holds an extra


Unexpected comfortable

Experience peace and quiet with the noise reduction mode on our earbuds.Perfect for drowning out distractions  and enjoying your favorite tunes to the fullest.

*A total of 3 different sizes of silicone earplugs are prepared for you. Everyone can find the right way to wear them.


Ultimate Sound Quality

Unleash the full potential of your wireless earbuds by using 10mm speaker drivers to bring you the best sound quality.

Chipset:BT8922E/ANC FF

BT version:5.2


Earbud battery:35mAh

Case battery:390mAh

Working time:6h

Waterproof level :IPX4

Case size:69.8*43.35*27.69mm

Earbud size:26.37*21.84*17.32mm

Color:Black /Grey


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