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YOBYBO Q-Boat Pro Qualcomm chip version


【Design】Developed and designed by Yibai independent team, and won many design awards such as IF, A-Design, Good-Design, etc. in 2022.
【Wear】Brand new way of taking out and wearing, no matter where you are, you can easily wear it with one hand.
【Appearance】All-metal charging box, with high-end AG glass on the back, full of sense of future technology. The entire charging box is made of precision CNC technology, which is flawless.
【Function】 Select the high-end period chip Qualcomm 3040, which can increase the battery life as much as possible while stabilizing the connection. Ultra-low latency, ultra-low power consumption.
【Function】 A new game mode has been added to reduce the delay again. The touch function is rich, and the earbuds can be fully controlled without taking out the mobile phone.


You Can Buy So Far

The Coolest Gaming Earbuds


You Can Buy So Far

The Coolest Gaming Earbuds





Earbuds you'll fall in love with just by looking at them

Full of future and technology style

The earphones are really cool

I'm amazed at such high end earbuds


You Can Buy So Far

The Coolest Gaming Earbuds


Full of future and technology style


“These are the most unique earbuds I've ever seen”


“Powerful functionality in a unique look”


Front shell

Smooth and comfortable


13mm big speaker


13mm big speaker


Long battery life


Receive sound clearly


High-end chip

Mature chip technology

Qualcomm 3040 chip, supports Bluetooth 5.2, and supports ATPX-Adaptive high-definition codec, which ensures smooth audio and makes the Bluetooth connection more stable and the connection distance longer.

The perfect compact arrangement brings out the best performance of each component

Find out how the earbuds are put togethers


Keep your music

Single earbud battery capacity: 35mAh Charging compartment battery capacity: 450mAh

Single earbud

≥6 hrs

of battery life with a single charge

Single earbud

≥30 hrs

of total listening time

Charging box

5 Charges

Case holds an extra


Support for low-latency game mode

Tap the touch area of the earbuds three times to instantly turn on Gaming Mode. The delay is reduced, and the sound and picture are synchronized in real time.


Some interesting details

YOBYBO original new way of taking out earbuds, In a crowded subway/riding/driving, you can safely wear earbuds with one hand.


The industry's first earplugs made of AG glass. The fuselage is made of aluminum alloy + CNC technology.


Small and round design, no matter the size of your pocket, it can be easily loaded


Easy touch

The era of needing to use a mobile phone to control the earbuds is over, and you only need to tap your finger to complete the operation you want.

Previous song/Next song

Long press the left bud for 2s / Long press the right bud for 2s

Play / Pause

Touch the left or right bud 2 times

Volume Up/Volume Down

Touch the left or right bud 1 times

Answer call/End call/Reject call

Touch the left or right bud 1 time/Touch the left or right bud 2 times Long press the left or right bud for 2 seconds

Game mode

Touch the left or right bud 3 times


BT version:5.2


Earbud battery:35mAh Coin Battery

Case battery:300mAh

Working time:6h

Waterproof level :IPX4

Case size:84*34*17.7mm

Earbud size:34*18*15mm



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