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YOBYBO Note20 Most Thin Wireless Bluetooth earbuds Open-back Affordable Earphones High-end Premium Sound Green Headphones

1 · The angle of wearing earbuds can be adjusted by yourself, and the unique design allows women to wear Note20 very comfortably.

2 · The shape of the sticky note paper is open, and the state of the bud can be observed at any time.

3 · Ultra-thin earbuds, the thickness of the earplugs is only 14mm

4 · Long battery life, the battery life of the headset is ≥ 4.5h, and the battery life with the charging box is up to 25h.

5 · The newly upgraded JL6973 chip makes the Bluetooth 5.3 connection more stable.

MOQ: 3000        Delivery method: FOB

"Sticky note" earbuds

"Sticky note" earbuds

Unique and novel design the angle of wearing can be adjusted according to the auricles of users

Sticky note earbuds note20

"Sticky note" earbuds

Unique and novel design the angle of wearing can be adjusted according to the auricles of users


Comfortable to wear



Open window design

Battery life 6h

Thickness 13.9mm

Color optional

Confortable to wear earbuds note20

Confortable to wear

A new way of wearing, adjustable angle to wear. Stay at the most comfortable depth.

A new way to define wearing

Comfortable experience

*Eartips equipped with three different sizes

Delicate material surface earbuds

Delicate material surface

The unique shape brings a fun experience, you can take out the buds with just a finger push. two-time spraying process, fine pearlescent metallic paint, the color is full of vitality and texture.

NOTE20 model map

Professional tuning

YOBYBO has a number of professional tuners who have been in the industry for more than ten years, among which NOTE20 has excellent performance in various music types.


Solid, deep bass

Human voice

Clear vocal performance


Clearly reproduce the original sound of various instruments

Note20 in game mode

Powerful configuration

NOTE20 is equipped with JL6973D4 chip, which reduces power consumption. And at the same time, the delay is also lower than the major chips of the same industry.

compact note20

It is also worry-free to wear for a long time, and has more sufficient battery power. With the charging case, it can last all day.


Large capacity battery


Number of times it can be charged


Charging compartment battery


Smart touch

A variety of ways to control the earbuds make it possible to control the earbuds  even without taking out the phone in daily life.

Reset the earbuds

Press and hold the bud for eleven seconds to

hear "Di Di Di"

Voice assistant

Long press the left bud or right bud for three seconds

Previous/Next music

Tap the left or right bud twice

Reject the call

Long press the left or right bud for two seconds

Answer/hang up call

Touch any bud

Play / Pause

Touch any bud


Brilliant colors

NOTE20 has strict control over the craftsmanship. Among them, the four colors launched are loved by many consumers.


BT version:5.1


Earbud battery:30mAh Coin Battery

Case battery:300mAh

Working time:4~5h

Waterproof level :IPX4

Case size:60*55*14mm

Earbud size:25*21*12mm

Color:Black, White, Red, Green


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