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YOBYBO Card20 Pro Metal bluetooth earbuds Thin Qualcomm chip eaphones Open-back High-end Premium Sound earbuds

1 · The metal charging compartment is precision machined by CNC, with delicate material performance, and the overall thickness of the thin earbuds is only 14mm. The whole earplug adopts our patented seamless design, and the open design allows you to observe the status of the earplug at any time.

2 · The chip adopts Qualcomm 3040, the Bluetooth 5.2 delay is significantly reduced, and the Qualcomm aptX technology is also matched to bring a high-quality lossless high-definition sound effect experience.

3 · Winner of the Red Dot Award and IF Award and won the CES Recommendation Award, full of design sense, independent design, and development team.

4 · With dual microphones for radio, cvc8.0 noise reduction will reduce ambient noise during calls, and earbuds are the first choice for office or conference calls.

5 · Ultra-long battery life, the battery life of a single bud can reach 5.5h, and the battery life can be up to 28 hours with the charging box.

MOQ: 2000        Delivery method: FOB


Classic that can't be exceed

Open a new era of thin earphone, the thickness of the whole machine is only 14mm


Design Award Product

Super long battery life

Qualcomm chip aptX lossless decoding

Hollow design

The world's thinnest earbuds


The Grand Slam of Design

It is the first to create the world's thinnest card-type earplugs and has successfully won the Red Dot Award, the IF Award, the Red Star Award, and the CES Recommendation Award for its innovative shape, high-end materials, and craftsmanship.


Why is it designed this way?

1)The world's thinnest card-style design allows CARD20 to fit into a pocket or wallet easily;

2)The hollowed-out structure allows you to keep an eye on the internal condition of the earbuds to prevent loss; 3)The whole body is made of precision alloy metal, which has been ground and polished many times. The unique patented invisible shaft technology makes the whole machine integrated;


A powerful chip under a slim appearance

Using Qualcomm 3040 chip, the transmission performance is greatly improved,the delay is reduced, and the music is smoother.

Near CD-level sound quality restoration, new high-definition audio decoding technology support for aptX, and aptX adaptive can provide higher transmission speed and more fidelity data information.


Noise reduction for calls

CVC8.0 is Qualcomm unique smart call noise reduction ENC technology solution, which makes your call sound more clear and natural

Unbelievable battery life

The buds can last up to 5 hours in a single time, and the cumulative battery life is 30 hours.You can listen to music for 2 hours on a 15-minute charge.


Bud battery life


Bud battery


Total battery life


Charging compartment battery


Brilliant colors

Card20 Pro has strict control over the craftsmanship. Among them, the four colors launched are loved by many consumers.


BT version:5.2


Earbud battery:35mAh Coin Battery

Case battery:300mAh

Working time:5h

Waterproof level :IPX4

Case size:84*34*14mm

Earbud size:29*16*14mm

Color:Brown, Silver, Black, Green


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