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Awarded Shenzhen Innovation Project Two

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

In this 2023 Shenzhen Innovation Enterprise Competition, three YOBYBO projects were approved as the "22nd Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record"

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About project 2

Conventional TWS earphones have an obvious but not taken seriously flaw in the design and use of the charging box shaft, that is, part of the structure of the shaft or lotus leaf must be exposed outside the charging box, which gives the appearance of the whole device a different look. There are some visual aesthetic flaws. TWS earphone charging box invisible hinge technology redefines the rotating parts of the small charging box, hiding the rotating axis of the charging box inside the box. When the cover is closed, the user cannot see the rotating parts and rotating structure at all. Through this technology, it not only solves the long-standing appearance defects of the charging box, but also avoids the problems of traditional opening and closing cover mechanisms that are prone to dust and dust accumulation. It has obtained a total of 6 patents of various types. During the development process of this project, 1 US invention patent, 1 Chinese utility model patent, 2 appearance patents and 1 PCT patent were obtained.

What did we do?

As a storage and charging tool for wireless earphones, the TWS earphone charging box has become an integral part of the TWS earphones. Before 2020, the opening and closing cover mechanisms of most charging boxes on the market were exposed, which not only affected the appearance but also easily accumulated dust. This was actually an appearance flaw, but before the emergence of built-in hinges, the industry There is no better solution. The built-in rotating shaft technology of this project completely solves this problem, and the cost is 1/2-1/4 of the general rotating shaft. The built-in hinge is to TWS headsets, just like the full screen is to smartphones. The more competition becomes fierce, the stronger the premium it brings.

Moreover, through this project, we successfully applied for one utility model patent, one invention patent, two appearance patents, and one PCT patent.

The project’s market prospects and industrialization status

Built-in hinges will be a new trend in TWS earphone charging box hinge technology. More and more TWS earphone manufacturers have begun to try to use this technology. It is expected that among TWS earphones with open and close covers, their market share will eventually be close to 15 %-20%. At present, this project has successfully achieved mass production and has been successfully applied in our company's ZIP20, SUGAR20, CARD21 and other products. The achieved product sales are approximately 20 million yuan.

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