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"Shenzhen Innovative Enterprises" list released, YOBYBO successfully shortlisted

What are Shenzhen innovative enterprises?

Shenzhen innovative enterprises are the backbone of Shenzhen's high-tech industry and synonymous with Shenzhen's high-quality development. The selection will not only commend enterprising enterprises, but also reveal Shenzhen's innovation code and summarize Shenzhen's innovation genes.

In this 2023 Shenzhen Innovation Enterprise Competition, three YOBYBO projects were approved as the "22nd Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record"

1.Ultra-thin true wireless earphones with hollow structure

Project Background:

In 2016, Apple released the first-generation TWS headset Airpods, which led to the rise of the wireless headset market. By 2019, wireless headsets have entered a period of rapid growth, with annual shipments reaching 100 million units and a compound growth rate of 51.9%. At the same time, the market is a mixed bag, with uneven quality. A large number of imitations and low-quality products have also flooded the market. As a manufacturing powerhouse, there are few domestic products that compete with international standards in terms of industrial design of TWS headsets. Based on its own team advantages, the Yibai Technology team developed highly innovative hollow ultra-thin true wireless earphones.

What did we do?

We have developed a TWS earphone made of aluminum alloy, with a thickness of only 1.35CM, and a TWS earphone with a hollow structure.The overall volume is about 1/2-1/3 of ordinary TWS earphones, and the thickness is 1/2 of ordinary TWS earphones, making it the thinnest in the world. It uses aluminum alloy high-precision CNC technology; the earphones have a single battery life of 6-8 hours. The total battery life of the whole machine is 30-40 hours, which is higher than the industry average; it has four levels of waterproofing; the headset weighs 3.5g, which is much lower than the 4.2-6g of conventional TWS headsets; using self-developed antenna technology, the wireless transmission distance can reach 12- 15 meters.

We succeeded in creating a new market!

The TWS headphones developed in this project have brought new product design directions to the market. CARD20 products have sold over 100,000 units so far, and imitation products based on the design ideas of this project have sold more than 3 million units. During the epidemic in 2020, CARD20 products were crowdfunded in the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other places, and achieved a crowdfunding performance of 1.2 million yuan. The crowdfunding of similar products was also concentrated, ranking among the top three in the three places.Cumulative sales reached nearly 20 million yuan, and it won the Red Dot and IF International Design Awards, as well as the China Red Star Award. Due to its high degree of innovation and novel structural design, it has been imitated by other companies. As a plaintiff, our company has sued a total of 33 patent infringement cases, with a winning rate of 100%.

*This project includes three utility model patents, two international PCT patents, and two appearance patents.

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