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YOBYBO X-Boat Pro HD SONY LDAC Decoding Metal Open Long-life Earbuds

1 · 2022 IF Award, G-Mark Design Award, A-Design Design Award, Golden Annual Best Design Award, and four major international design awards!

2 · SONY LDAC Bluetooth HD lossless decoding and transmission, Premium Sound experience.

3 · The world's first metal earbuds and AG glass are integrated.

4 · Cyberpunk style series, AG colorful glass, the first choice for high-end gaming earphones.

5 · Low power consumption chip, large battery capacity, battery life up to ≥4.5 hours.

MOQ: 2000        Delivery method: FOB


Break through the tradition Innovation does not stop

The fully open design redefines the combination of earbuds and charging, breaking the traditional concept.


New material AG glass

Lightweight and compact

Comfortable earbuds

Wear with one hand

Waterproof and sweatproof

Wear with one hand



ANC Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) with fine-tuned filters Dynamically adjusts to the surrounding environment


Sony LDAC HD decoding

13mm speakers with Sony LDAC HD decoding, open professional audio mode


LDAC HD decoding

LDAC high-definition audio decoding decoding rate up to 990Kbps, display Perfect high-fidelity sound quality.



Redefine materials and craftsmanship

When light hits the earbuds, it creates a unique Aurora colors distort and flow with the light.

Aluminum alloy with AG glass

State-of-the-art industrial machine tools perfectly restore the curved surface of the earbuds.

Latest aluminum alloy technology


Wear it with one hand no longer be bothered

One-handed in-ear earbuds, semi-in-ear design, comfortable to wear.


Single earbud weight


Charging compartment weight


45 hours of total battery time

Up to 45 hours of battery life. Support continuous playback of 900 songs The battery capacity of the headset is 35mAh and the battery capacity of the charging compartment is 500mAh. Supports charging the earbuds about 7 times.


Easy touch

The era of needing to use a mobile phone to control the earbuds is over, and you only need to tap your finger to complete the operation you want.

ANC mode

Touch the left or right bud 3 times

Answer call/End call/Reject call

Touch the left or right bud 1 time/Touch the left or right bud 2 times Long press the left or right bud for 2 seconds

Volume Up/Volume Down

Touch the left or right bud 1 times

Play / Pause

Touch the left or right bud 2 times

Previous song/Next song

Long press the left bud for 2s / Long press the right bud for 2s

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