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2022 Global Sources Hong Kong Electronics Fair 丨 YOBYBO

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Global Sources Hong Kong Electronics Fair officially opened today. Unsurprisingly, our booth was as crowded as ever. Unexpectedly, visiting buyers rate our products.

"Of all the booths I've seen at this fair, your products are the most innovative," one Hong Kong buyer told us. "I never thought wireless headphones could be designed this way," marveled one guest from the UK, giving a thumbs-up after trying out the "Seesaw" active noise-cancelling earbuds. "I am very curious about your team," said a professional German procurement expert after carefully asking about the parameters and prices of ZIP10, X-Boat and Note20. "What kind of innovation and talent are needed to make many different products in this price segment, and each one has its own characteristics?"

Among the many visitors, the most frequently used word is not "Good", but "Wow!" That's what we want. Customer affirmation is undoubtedly the greatest encouragement to us.

Continuous innovation requires faith, persistence, rational planning and meticulous implementation. Card, Note, ZIP, Seesaw and other series of products have been published and praised repeatedly, which is the embodiment of this persistence. A few days before the show, our X-Boat series won the Golden Point Design of the Year award in Taiwan and the G-Mark award in Japan. In three years, we have won 8 design awards such as IF, Red Dot, G-Mark and A-Design. All the past is a prologue. In the future, Ibai Technology will stick to its belief, provide customers with "meaningful differentiation" products, and empower customers' brands.

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